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Today’s member profile comes from Dr. Sarah Nutter, PhD, Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology, and Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria.  Dr. Nutter sits on the Weight Bias & Stigma Committee. 

Dr. Sarah Nutter is an assistant professor of counselling psychology at the University of Victoria and a member of Obesity Canada’s Every Body Matters collaborative. Dr. Nutter’s primary research focus is on weight stigma and she is especially interested in better understanding sociocultural and ideological influences on weight stigma.

Additionally, she is interested in better understanding the influence of weight stigma on health care and the attitudes of health care professionals towards patients with large bodies. Lastly, she is also interested in better understanding the influence of appearance-focused social media use on weight stigma, body image, and eating behaviours. This research is important for individuals with large bodies, as weight stigma is widespread, leads to inequality for individuals with large bodies, and negatively influences both physical and psychological well-being.

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