Work continues on updating the Canadian Clinical Practice Guideline for Managing Pediatric Obesity. Over the past several months, activities have included:
  • Completing 5 literature reviews (4 systematic reviews and meta-analyses + 1 scoping review) on topics that include intervention effectiveness, families’ values and preferences, and clinical assessment. Currently, our literature searches are being updated and our review teams are authoring several manuscripts. Once finalized, this evidence will be integrated into Evidence-to-Decision models that our Guideline Panel will use to make recommendations.
  • Completing a survey of parents and clinicians/researchers to determine the health outcomes (e.g., quality of life, weight) and subgroups (e.g., sex/gender, culture/ethnicity) that are most important to them. This information will inform how data from our reviews are presented.
  • Establishing a (1) Lived Experience Executive Committee and (2) Caregiver and Youth Advisory Committee, which will provide our Steering Committee and Guideline Panel with perspectives from families living with obesity.
  • Welcoming colleagues from the European Association for the Study of Obesity to join our Steering Committee as observers. Work is underway to translate the new adult obesity CPG from Canada to other countries, and we hope the time and resources we’re spending to update our pediatric CPG can be adapted for use by our pediatric colleagues from other countries.
  • Planning to complete all project activities to launch our updated guideline in Fall, 2022.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates!