Adaptation to adapt the Canadian Obesity Adult Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) developed by Obesity Canada and the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons were released in August 2020. Since then there has been an update to the Medical Nutrition Therapy and Pharmacotherapy chapters in 2022. 

The CPGs were developed using a systematic literature review that included Canadian and international studies. It is therefore possible to adapt and tailor the guidelines to be used by other countries, while maintaining their nature, spirit and vision. Considering the extensive resources required to create the CPGs, some countries have expressed an interest in endorsing and adapting them to meet their country-specific needs. It is also recognized that, globally, many countries share the overall goal of the CPGs, which is to improve the quality of obesity care.

Obesity Canada ran a pilot project designed to create a process for adapting and implementing the CPGs.  The aim was to pilot test the process in two countries – one in Latin America and one in Europe. Obesity Canada worked with regional obesity organizational partners to select the pilot sites. Ireland and Chile were the successful countries. 

We now know that it is possible for countries to adapt the Canadian Adult Clinical Practice Guidelines. Find out more on the the process used by Chile and Ireland and lessons learned here. 

Are You Interested in Adapting the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines? 

After confirming the feasibility of implementing the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines, what comes next? Obesity Canada has initiated the process of accepting applications from other countries that are interested in adopting these guidelines.

Organizations must adhere to the Endorsement and Adaptation Policy and Procedures developed by the Clinical Practice Guideline Dissemination Committee. Only organizations that are going to use the guidelines for non-commercial purposes can request to endorse and adapt the Canadian guidelines. National and international organizations that endorse the CPGs will be listed on the Obesity Canada website. 

Organizations aiming to adopt the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines must possess the necessary resources and support to proceed with such a substantial endeavor. They are required to endorse the Canadian guidelines, enter into a license agreement, and commit to participating in the Global Obesity Guideline Coalition, led by Obesity Canada.

Contact Obesity Canada should they have any questions. If you are ready to apply, please complete the form below.